Top Canadian University and Scholarship for Nigerian

Top Canadian Universities and Scholarships for Nigerian

Canadian Universities are part of best institutions where Nigerians can study. Everyone loves the idea of schooling in Canada and the other benefits it brings. This article exposes you to the best institutions where Nigerians can study in Canada. Canada is one of the best countries in the world to go to for education as the country is home to some of the best schools in the world. The number of international students studying in Canada is over 450,000 and the figure keeps growing. Many of these students are choosing Canada over other developed countries because of certain advantages that studying in Canada can bring:

Individuals who study in Canada receive a top-quality and internationally-respected education, preparing them for professional pursuits in Canada or abroad. One other thing that attracts people to it is that the cost of tuition and living fees in Canada are generally lower than in other developed countries.

Although earlier stated that Canada has a lot of good institutions of learning, we have picked the following schools based on their rankings and assessments:

1. University Of Toronto

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The University of Toronto is topping this list because it presently ranks 1st in Canada and 21st in the world according to the 2019 Academic Ranking of World Universities. It was founded in 1827 and it is famous for its research on insulin, bone-marrow transplants, and regenerative medicine, and for pioneering work in artificial intelligence. It offers about 700 undergraduate degrees and 200 postgraduate degrees. 22.5% of its students’ populace is made up of international students.

2. University of British Columbia

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The University of British Columbia houses about 65,000 students with 17,500 (21%) of them being international students from more than 160 countries in the world. The university has also produced about 8 Nobel Prize winners. The university is home to 16 faculties, 18 schools, and 2 colleges.

3. McGill University

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Located in Montreal, Quebec, McGill University ranks as the 37th best university in the world and the 2nd best in Canada. The university has produced about 12 Nobel Laureates and 145 Rhodes Scholars. The university is known for its intensity in research and has the most internationally diverse student body in the country.

4. McMaster University

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This school is located in Hamilton, Ontario and covers about 300 acres of land. It is ranked the 6th best school in Canada and 140th best school in the world. McMaster is a science-oriented university and is best known for its reputation in medicine. The university has also gained an international reputation for innovative educational programming in the fields of study it offers.

5. University of Montreal

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This school ranked 5th in Canada according to the Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities. The school is co-educational and has over 34,335 undergraduate and over 11,925 post-graduate students. The University of Montreal has about 600 study programs spanning through almost all the fields and they have taken up a major interest in Artificial Intelligence.

6. University of Alberta

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This university is one of the world’s leading research-intensive universities with a reputation for excellence across the humanities, sciences and other major fields of education. The university’s student population is estimated to be approximately 39,000 with 7000 students coming from about 150 foreign countries. It is home to world-leading facilities such as Canada’s National Institute for Nanotechnology and the Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology.

7. University of Ottawa

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Commonly referred to as U of O, the University of Ottawa is a bilingual public research university that was established in 1848. The university offers over 450 programs across Arts, Education, Engineering, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Health Sciences, Medicine, Science, Social Science, Civil Law, Common Law and the Telfer School of Management. It is the home to the largest law school in Canada.

8. University of Calgary

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This is a comprehensive research university that is known for contributing to Canada’s global competitive advantage and helps in addressing the most persistent challenges faced by the country. The University of Calgary has 14 faculties, 53 departments, and more than 200 academic programs. It currently has about 6,000 international students.

9. University of Waterloo

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The University of Waterloo is a public institution that was founded in 1957. It has six main academic divisions: applied health sciences, arts, engineering, environment, math, and sciences. The total number of students in the school amount to about 34,000 people with 6,700 of them being international students.

10. Western University

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This university is located in the city of London in Ontario, Canada. Western University is one school that is known for availing its students to complement their degrees with a range of co-curricular activities including leadership and learning opportunities both on- and off-campus.  It has 12 faculties which include business, engineering, social science, science, arts and humanities, health sciences, medicine and dentistry, law, education, music, and information and media studies.

Canadian Scholarships for Nigerian Students

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Are you a Nigerian student looking for a Canadian scholarship for your education in Canada?

Do you desire to study abroad, particularly Canada, and get a scholarship for your education?

If you answered yes to these two questions, you will find the list of the Canadian scholarships for Nigerian students very useful.

Before I go to the list proper of the scholarships for Canadian schools, you may want to ask why you should study in Canada.

Well, the answer is quite simple. It is no longer news that Canada is the new destination for aspirational Nigerians in search of greener pastures. Many young Nigerians looking for residency opportunities in Canada also look for scholarships that would give them the opportunities to study in Canada and then possibly stay back in Canada after their education.

Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. The country’s capital is Ottawa, and its three largest metropolitan areas are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. A developed country, Canada has the seventeenth-highest nominal per-capita income globally as well as the thirteenth-highest ranking in the Human Development Index. Its advanced economy is the tenth-largest in the world, relying chiefly upon its abundant natural resources and well-developed international trade networks.

In recent times, Canada has been one of the best destinations for Nigerians who which to relocate to countries outside of the African continent. Students from Nigeria who also love to school abroad find Canada and a suitable option. With Donald Trump “anti-Nigerian” policies, Canada is the next best thing for many Nigerians.

1. University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship 2020/2021 for Young Global Leaders

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University of Winnipeg scholarships will be given to international students who are entering any of the University’s divisions for the first time – Undergraduate, Graduate, Collegiate, Professional, Applied and Continuing Education (PACE) or English Language Program (ELP). Applicants must be in activities that demonstrate leadership.

Aim and Benefits of University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship

English Language Program: $3,500

Professional, Applied Continuing Education: $3,500

Undergraduate: $5,000

Collegiate: $3,500

Graduate: $5,000

Requirements for University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship Qualification

Candidates must meet the following criteria:

Have a minimum 80% admission average or equivalent

Be an international student

Entering first year of any program

Demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities

Apply for admission by the scholarship deadline date.

2. University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship 2020-2021 in Canada


The UCalgary International Entrance Scholarship is a prestigious award that recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of an international student beginning their undergraduate studies. The criteria for the Scholarship include not only academic excellence but also accomplishments outside the classroom.

The University of Calgary is a public research university located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The University of Calgary started in 1944 as the Calgary branch of the University of Alberta, founded in 1908, prior to being instituted into a separate, autonomous university in 1966.

Benefit of scholarship

Value of Award: $15,000 (Renewable)

Deadline, December 1, 2020.

3. Women in STEM 2020 Scholarship Program – USA or Canada


Application for the 2020 Women in STEM scholarship is currently being accepted by the scholarship board.

In keeping with MPOWER’s commitment to empower high-potential global citizens to realize their educational aspirations—and become tomorrow’s leading scientists and innovators —this scholarship program will focus on women who will use their STEM degree to benefit society and the planet and who have the potential to serve as role models and advocates for women in STEM.

Benefits of STEM Masters Scholarship:

Grand Prize: $3,000

Honorable Mentions (2): $1,000

STEM Masters Scholarship Courses:





Deadline: December 31, 2020.

4. York University 2020-2021 International Entrance Scholarships for Undergraduate Students–Canada


York University is offering full scholarships to outstanding international students wishing to undertake Bachelor studies at the University for the 2020-2021 academic session. This scholarship aims to support deserving international students who meet the scholarship requirements.

The benefit of York University Scholarship

The selected applicants would be awarded $35,000 for each year for the duration of four years.

York University International Entrance Courses:



Environmental Studies

Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Performance & Design


5. McGill University Canada MasterCard Foundation Scholarships 2020/2021 for African Students


The McGill University, Canada is partnering with the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program (MFSP) to offer Masters Scholarships to eligible African students for the 2020/2021 academic session.

Application deadline:

Deadline to submit the Application for Admission in uApply: Your program’s deadline

Deadline to submit MCF Supporting Documents in uApply: January 31, 2020

Offered annually? Yes

Eligible Countries: Sub-Saharan African countries

To be taken at (country): McGill University Canada

About Scholarship: McGill University and The Mastercard Foundation are pleased to offer full scholarships to economically challenged, academically gifted Master’s students from Sub-Saharan Africa through The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program.

For application process and other vital information, visit their official website.

6. The Trudeau Foundation offers Doctoral Scholarships for Canadian Citizens and Foreign Nationals to study Social Sciences and Humanities at Canadian Universities 2020/2021


Application Deadline: Students must apply through a university’s internal selection process, and each university sets its own deadlines.

To be taken at (country): Canadian Universities

Accepted Subject Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities related studies, preferably one of the following:

Human Rights and Dignity

Responsible Citizenship

Canada and the World

People and their Natural Environment

Selection Criteria:

Academic excellence;

Leadership experience and abilities;

Thematic relevance of research to the Foundation’s themes;

Public engagement;

Desire to contribute to public dialogue and share knowledge;

Communication skills;

Desire to belong to a vibrant community made up of leaders from across sectors

For eligibility criteria and more information, visit their official website.

7. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS)


The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) was created to attract and retain world-class doctoral students and to establish Canada as a global centre of excellence in research and higher learning.  The scholarships are towards a doctoral degree (or combined MA/PhD or MD/PhD).

Host Institution(s):

Canadian Universities with Vanier CGS allocation. Without exception, the Vanier CGS is tenable only at the eligible Canadian institution that submitted the nomination.

Level/Field(s) of study:

PhD programmes (or combined MA/PhD or MD/PhD) in health research; natural sciences and/or engineering research; and social sciences and/or humanities research.

An eligible doctoral program must include a significant research component that leads to the completion of a thesis, major research project, dissertation, scholarly publication, performance, recital, and/or exhibit that is merit/expert-reviewed at the institutional level as a requirement for completion of the program.

Joint graduate research programs with a professional degree (e.g., MD/PhD, DVM/PhD, JD/PhD) as well as clinically-oriented programs of study, including clinical psychology, are also eligible programs if they have a significant autonomous research component, as described above.

Number of Scholarships: Up to 166 scholarships are awarded annually

Target group: Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, and foreign citizens are eligible to be nominated for a Vanier CGS.

Scholarship value/duration: The scholarships are worth $50,000 per year for three years.

Deadline: before 3 Nov 2020 (annual)

Study in: Canada

The course starts on May/Sept 2021

For eligibility status and application process, visit their official website.


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