Building your travel History

Building your travel History

When applying for Canadian Visa, travel history is one of the most important things you should put in place unlike the UK Visa that focuses on the socio economic status.

Travel history is simply the record of everywhere you have travelled to in the past. It is a proof that you have visited certain countries.

Travel history is important when applying for Canadian Visa because it increases your chances of getting the Visa, either Visit visa or Migration. The Canadian embassy wants to know where you travel in the past because they think if you come in their country and you have not visited another country, and then there is a chance that you don’t go back your country.

The more you travel the more your travel, the more your travel history sums up and the better chances you get for getting a Canadian Visa.

History have it that in the 1900s, where there was no strong or no Visa law, so many people migrated to other countries using visit visas and they do not want to go back to their countries. As a result of this the visa law increased and it gives slimmer chances of getting a visa, especially the Canadian visa without a travel history.

Travel history when applying for a Canadian visa helps the embassy to know that you have been to some countries and you returned to your country also. It builds their trust as regards granting you a visa.

You can build up your travel history as a Nigerian by visiting visa free countries, or countries that grants visas on arrival, but when applying for Canadian visa make sure you have visited countries like the UK, South Africa, ETC.

A good travel history assures the embassy that you are a genuine tourist or travel or your sole purpose of traveling is not immigration. If you want to make a strong impression on the visa officer, then make a good travel history first.

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