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This book was inspired by the dire need of people seeking to express themselves in many ways beyond what their present country of residence can offer. It was created to offer a guide to everyone seeking to migrate to Canada  for the purpose of becoming a permanent resident or Citizen. 





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Below is a brief of what is expected in each chapter

Chapter 1

Canada and Options

Chapter 2

Choosing the best

Chapter 3

Express Entry Pool

Chapter 4

Provincial Nomination

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

Study Application Process

Chapter 7

Documentation & Funding

Chapter 8

Getting Settled Fast

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  • A step by step guide to processing your Canada Permanent Residency.
  • A cost breakdown of what you require to make the move for yourself or with your family.
  • How to calculate your points and know how qualified you are.
  • How to add more points to your application for a quick invitation to apply for PR.
  • All Documents you need to make the application successful.
  • How to get into Canada within 6 months through Study applications.
  • How to secure Jobs in Canada to aid your Permanent Residence.

What Readers Say

If you’re thinking of relocating to Canada, looking to study in Canada, or seeking advice on finding a job in Canada then this is a recommended ebook. Filled with tons of detailed information you need.
Amarachukwu Ekeh
M.Sc Student
This book made me realize my dream is realistic! I was surprised by the depth of the information and how the author shows that it really is possible to relocate to Canada.
David Borode
Business Strategist
I just finished reading this and it was a fantastic book! This was a great read for me, it offered hints on how I could merge my two passions together: Study and work.
Akindele Deborah
Operations Manager


Go-Canada E-book

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  • A step by step guide to Canada Immigration Guide

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N 10,000
  • A step by step guide to Canada Immigration Guide
  • IELTS Training Kits

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N 20,000
  • A step by step guide to Canada Immigration Guide
  • IELTS Training Kits
  • 1 hour Consultation

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