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One of the most important steps to getting your USA study started is securing admission for a good course at an affordable school.

The details below covers a variety of steps involved in getting you to USA.

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The benefits of a USA Study permit lie in its ability to become a pathway to permanent  residency. It is one of the fastest ways to get to USA. 

The details below covers a variety of steps involved in getting your USA Study Permit Approved.

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Yes!! In the UK Only,  if you have an Upper credit in your HND and a robust work experience, you may be considered favourably for a masters program. Sadly, most  foreign schools to not recognise HND certificates for admission into Master’s program directly, but you can enroll for a pathway or pre-masters program which would then lead you into your masters program.

At FlyDestinations we try to give our clients as much advantage as we can, therefore we apply to as many schools that meet your educational pedigree and financial capacity.

Working during the course of study is a major request we get from our clients, and while applying for their student visas we ensure to make applications for a work permit, either within or outside the university campus.

The earliest time you can make your student visa application is three (3) months before the start date of your course as stated in your CAS. If you submit your visa application earlier than this time, it will be refused by the UK Home Office. If you leave your application too late, you could miss your start date. You should therefore prepare all the necessary documents so that you can make your visa application as soon as you are eligible.

As part of the student visa application process you will be required to score 10 points for your maintenance (funds). You must be able to demonstrate that you have access to enough money to pay for your tuition fees for the first year of your studies plus an amount to cover your living costs. This is what is generally referred to as the ‘maintenance test’. 

The amount to cover your living costs is fixed by the UK Immigration Rules. For students studying at the University of Chester, it is fixed at £9,207. The amount you will need to demonstrate show to pass the ‘maintenance test’ depends on the length of your programme.

Your CAS will state your tuition fees for the first year of your course. If your course is 12 months or less, your CAS will state the total tuition fees for the course.You must show the UK Home Office that you have enough money to pay all the tuition fees as stated on your CAS letter plus your living costs, for a successful visa application.If you have already paid a tuition fee deposit, the amount that you have paid will be stated on your CAS. You can deduct this from the total amount you need to show to pass the ‘maintenance test’. You will therefore need to show the UK Home Office that you have the balance of your tuition fees plus £9,135. You must ensure that your CAS shows any payments you have made to the University towards your fees or accommodation. Once you have made your visa application your CAS cannot be updated.

If you have made a payment for University accommodation before making your visa application, you can use some of the money as evidence that you meet the financial living costs requirement. You can show University accommodation payments, up to a maximum of £1,265, as evidence of your maintenance and this will be deducted from your living costs. Even if you have paid more than £1,265 towards your accommodation, the UK Home Office will only deduct £1,265 from your living costs (£9,135) and you will have to show £7,870 towards your living costs.

 We can only put money paid towards University accommodation on your CAS. If you have paid for private accommodation, we will not be able to put this on your CAS.

Pre-payment of all tuition fees does not guarantee a successful visa application. It only reduces the amount you have to show to pass the ‘maintenance test’. Your visa application will be decided on all the evidence you provide.

Canada study permit applicants need to prove they have sufficient funds to cover tuition fees, and financial capacity to support living expenses for the first year of study.

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