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How Study Permit Works

Wiith a study permit, your right to remain in the nation is guaranteed. It contains information about your purpose, including your reason for coming, the level of the course you are taking, how long it will last, and any work-related constraints.

Unlike a study visa which allows you entry into another country, the study permit does not allow you entry. Rather, it grants you the access to stay in the country. You should apply for a study permit before leaving your country and ensure that all your documents are intact.

Important Things In a Study Permit

Your study permit should contain your correct personal information and expiry date.

Canada Study Permit

To study in Canada, the majority of foreign nationals require a study permit. Before applying, make sure you have all the required documents. Ensure that you apply for your study permit before entering Canada. The Canadian immigration issue the study permit, which enables international students to enroll in courses at Canadian designated learning institutions (DLIs).

Be sure to have your documents ready when you apply like your letter of acceptance and several other documents you will be needing to complete your application. Also, you will need to apply online for your study permit whether you are in Canada or not. However you are expected to meet up with the eligibility requirements before you can obtain a study permit:

You must be enrolled in a Canadian designated learning institution.

Prove you have enough money to pay for your cost of study and living expenses.

Have no past criminal record.

Depending on your circumstances, your study permit may have restrictions such as: If you are allowed to work in Canada, If you are allowed to travel within Canada, Date you are expected to depart Canada, Whether you need an immigration medical examination.

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