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Importance of Visa Consultation

Seeking out for expert advice on visa application and processing is being overlooked by some. While it may not affect the outcome of the visa application, it may yet be a determining factor as to whether a visa will be granted to an applicant or not. Applicants need to be knowledgeable about the kind of visa they need to o apply for.

For instance, if you are going for a business trip, you will need to apply for a business visa and as well get informed about the necessary documentation required for a business visa. Our services at Flydestinations include rendering of visa consultation to our clients in order to guide them through the visa application process. This will enable them avoid mistakes during documentation that could lead to their visa request being denied. We have our checklist to various countries well documented.

Due to the constant change in the visa requirements of various countries, we as well keep our checklist updated from time to time to avoid misinforming our potential clients.

Request GCMS Note for Canada

Many wonder why their visa request was denied by the Canadian immigration office despite all of their attempts to ensure they get their desired visa. Even while you await responses from the embassy after you must have applied for your Canada visa, you just might be worried about the status of your application.

The GCMS note is an online management tool used by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) which enables tracking and managing of Canada visa applications. It gives important details about the progress of your application.

Furthermore, it gives detailed explanations as to why a visa request was refused and what needs to be done right to avoid further visa refusals. We are concerned about the status of our client’s visa application at Flydestinations. As such, we provide services related to requesting GCMS notes for our clients to enable them acquire the most updated information on their immigration profile.

Request GCMS + Consultation

In addition to helping you request for your GCMS note, we also give professional advice on its importance and usage. We give our clients useful insights on what the GCMS is used for. The purpose of requesting and how to request for one.

Visit Visa Refusal Consultation (Any Country)

We understand how disheartening it could be to have your visa request refused. After so much anticipation to travel to your country of choice for vacation and all of the excitement that comes with it, yet it all doesn’t seem realistic. You don’t need to be too hard on yourself as you just need to put some things right in your next attempt. You should consider getting consultation from a reliable travel agency.

At Flydestinations, we thrive in orientating our clients the best way to go about visa applications. We deliver top notch services in helping you know the faults in your previous visa application and the help you have better understanding on the best procedures to follow when reapplying in order to have your visa application approved.

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