Why you need a Good account statement ready for your travel visa applications

Why you need a Good account statement ready for your travel visa applications.

Applying for any Visa at all is very easy as some would say and also difficult as some others would say, but it will be easier if you know the right things to do and you put them in place.

One of the things you need to put in place when applying for a visa is your bank statement. Bank statement for visa application requires that such account is run effectively. A bank statement is a summary of your financial transactions showing the inflow and outflow of cash in your account.

When building your account for visa or for travelling, Always make sure that you plan your bank statement in a way that won’t complicate your travel story. Your bank statement must show that you are capable of financing yourself for the trip and also take care of yourself throughout your stay overseas.

Bank statement helps to convince the embassy that you are financially strong to travel abroad. Not having a good financial record might get you into trouble. The source of your income can either grant or deny you a visa.

Also, having enough money in your bank account doesn’t mean you will be granted Visa; this is the more reason why you have to be careful about how you plan your bank statement for Visa application. You must be able to proof to the embassy that you have a legal source of income and you should not present your bank statement in a way that depicts fraud.


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